Nathan Alegria

Hello I am Nathan Alegria. I am 11 yeard old and in 6th grade. I am a kid who loves to create 3d models in blender. I also love to play soccer. I play as the goalkeeper. I am really good at it.

I have 3 dogs to and they are all so fat. I like to make games on scratch but I hate unity. I am also in accerlated math and It took my 2 trys to get in it. Right now my average is a 92. But I am okay in ELA my toughest subject. I hate it tho. I also love to eat foods like my moms food and they are so delious. I can eat them anytime anywhere.

I also like cars because it so funny. Well I hope you enjoyed learning about me. PS: My favorite soccer club is bayern Munich and they lost today 3-0 aganist Manchester City. I hope they can make a comeback next game.